No job is too big or small

We are able to provide services on productions shooting in any province in Canada

We offer flexible cost options. Our fees are scalable: less on a simple production, and more on a complex one

We can work on an hourly rate, fixed costs for development and one-off productions, or on a per-episode basis for series

We work in conjunction with lawyers. We can recommend and work with an entertainment lawyer who is best suited for your particular job, or liaise with your lawyer

We have the first stage tax credit applications filed quickly, and the final stage filed as soon as the production’s audit is complete

Our fees are included in your production budget, and are therefore included in your tax credit calculations

Everything about your production and your business will be kept completely confidential

We will provide excellent customer service, supportive advice, reliability and true value for your production

Contact us for a specific quote for your job. We'll be happy to talk it through with you (click on the email link below).