Identifying financing possibilities for projects

Negotiating rights and creating/completing legal agreements

Negotiating agreements between producers and third-party production companies

Securing format rights

Connecting book publishers to film and television producers

Creating development budgets, schedules, and financing plans

Submitting development funding applications

Fulfilling funding agreement requirements

Tracking rights

Assessing production feasibility

Green-light strategizing 

Ensuring from the very start that your production will be eligible for Cancon status and will qualify for tax credits



Drafting and negotiating broadcaster and financier agreements, as well as writer, director, producer, performer and crew deal memos

Creating and overseeing CMF, Telefilm, Rogers Cable Network Fund, Rogers Documentary Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, Independent Production Fund, Telus Fund applications, and more

Advising and drafting agreements for interprovincial and international treaty co-productions, as well as official co-ventures

Incorporating a single purpose production company for your production

Creating detailed budgets, financing plans, tax credit breakdowns and schedules for your production

Creating all elements required for Canadian federal and provincial tax credit applications and grants

Negotiating and closing interim financing facilities with various Canadian banking institutions

Creating required elements for various drawdowns due on every production

Securing financing drawdowns to ensure sufficient cash flow



Advising on ways to protect and maximize your backend revenues

Negotiating and closing distribution agreements

Creating and distributing revenue reports with monies owed to investors and revenue participants in conjunction with you accountant

Creating a rights management system to help you maximize your company’s ability to exploit its production library