"The year was 2000. By then I had made several small budget one-off documentaries but I had just landed an order to produce my first series — for Food Network. Around the same time, we got the green light to produce the first season of a series for Showcase.  I was ecstatic of course, but I had no friggin idea how to produce a series. And then Trevor entered my life.  The rest, as they say, is history. With Trevor by my side, Paperny Entertainment went on to become one of the most prolific and respected producers of factual television content. Thanks Trev."

David Paperny

Executive Producer

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"Trevor Hodgson is one of the most knowledgeable, hard working, trustworthy and resourceful television professionals I have ever worked with.  He’s also one of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered - an incredibly powerful combination.  As a creative person in this industry, I need someone I can trust managing the business equation - and Trevor is that person.  I think he has created his new company, First Look Media, at the absolutely perfect time in the evolving Canadian media landscape, and I have no doubt he will be immensely successful."

John Ritchie

Executive Producer

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"Trevor is the best in the business - full stop. If there was such a thing as a PhD’s in Television Financing and Business Affairs, he’d be Dr. Hodgson.  But Trevor brings so much more to the table than solving the business affairs headaches.  He is incredibly creative, he is keenly aware of the details, he maintains the highest ethical and moral standards and he is a trusted production partner who is willing and able to step in to support any aspect of the process.  I’d like to say that he’s also a really funny guy, but his jokes tend to go over my head.  Without hesitation I give him my full endorsement."

Laurie Case

Producer, Border Security

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"Trevor Hodgson is the guru of business affairs. He's the guy other business affairs people consult. I've been lucky enough to work with Trevor frequently for almost twenty years. There is no one who knows more about the business of television and film; I've never asked him a question he couldn't answer.  But it's not just his knowledge. Trevor approaches business affairs with the same creativity he showed as a feature film producer. If there's a better or more lucrative way to structure a deal, he'll find it. If the template doesn't exist, he'll create it, and convince your broadcaster to accept it.  He's efficient, reliable, trustworthy - and a really nice guy.  It's a very good thing that his expertise is now available to the whole production community."
Terence McKeown
Executive Producer

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"I’ve worked with Trevor for the better part of seventeen years and I can honestly say he’s a star.  Trevor rocks the details and manages the problems that can give producers grey hair.  He does it calmly, quickly and always with a smile.

Trevor takes the time to read all creative materials so he truly understands a project before it starts.  He then sets out detailed production budgets, schedules, financing plans and all the details you need to get to green light.  Holes in your chain of title?  No problem - Trevor fills them. Unruly talent agents?  Send in Trevor to straighten them out.  Complex co-production agreements?  Trevor loves ‘em!

Trevor is always a true partner in a project.  He maximizes funding opportunities, from TV licenses to tax credits to available grants - Trevor really knows where the money is hidden.  He then follows through all the deals through production and post.  And then he’s the one you can rely on for revenue reporting, recoupment and profit disbursements, and generally just keeping your business details in order so you can focus on development.  (and he helps with that too!)

I’m happy to have this opportunity to give Trevor my highest recommendation."

Cal Shumiatcher
Executive Vice President - Unscripted, eOne Television

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“I’ve worked with Trevor on the creation of several factual, lifestyle and scripted series. He’s not only fantastic when it comes to budgeting, financing and all the other aspects of business affairs - he’s got a great creative sense, and an incredible passion for this business. Brainstorming with him always makes an idea better. And he’s a lot of fun to work with.”

Robert Hardy

Executive Producer / Development Executive

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